Submitting an order is very simple. Once you decide on your voice-over talent and delivery date, we will give you an estimate within 24 hours. Your professional Japanese voice-over will be delivered in 3-7 business days.
Pricing at Masters of Voice is determined by “character count”, “delivery date” and “the intended use of the voice-over.” We are able to deliver voice-overs with longer scripts and faster delivery time than listed below, so please feel free to contact us.
Versatile and exceptional Japanese voiceover talents.
– All of our professional Japanese voice-over talents have many years of experience – Quality work is guaranteed.

dotarrow_pink1.pngKAZUE KIBAMOTOdotarrow_pink1.pngKOTONE NAKAMURAdotarrow_pink1.pngMANAKO HAYASHI

dotarrow_pink1.pngKUNI OOOKAdotarrow_pink1.pngSAYAKA YOKOYAdotarrow_pink1.pngTOMOE KAWAMOTO

dotarrow_pink1.pngMASAKO YOSHIKAWAdotarrow_pink1.pngTAMAKOdotarrow_pink1.pngKOTONE NAKAMURA

dotarrow_pink1.pngNATSUKOdotarrow_pink1.pngRIEdotarrow_pink1.pngTOMOKO SHIBUYAdotarrow_pink1.pngMAYU ASADA

dotarrow_pink1.pngSANAE KOMINEdotarrow_pink1.pngAGEHAdotarrow_pink1.pngNYOKO MIZUKIdotarrow_pink1.pngYOSHI

dotarrow_pink1.pngRIN YAMADA

dotarrow_blue1.pngEIHAKUdotarrow_blue1.pngRYU KASHIMAdotarrow_blue1.pngMANAKO HAYASHI

dotarrow_blue1.pngTSUYOSHI YOKOYAMAdotarrow_blue1.pngKEN ORIHARAdotarrow_blue1.pngUMITARO YAMAKAWA

dotarrow_blue1.pngMASASHI KENJOdotarrow_blue1.pngPANDA

Masters of Voice delivers more than 100 high quality Japanese voice-overs every month to many repeat and new clients.Our professional voice-overs have been used for broadcast advertisements, tutorials, eBooks, promotional materials, phone answering systems, non-broadcast video presentations, pre-recorded announcements, and more.
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Masters of Voice is a professional Japanese voice-over production operated by twoeight Inc, a promotional marketing and voice-over company based in Tokyo, Japan. We have many years of experience recording affordable and high quality professional voice-overs, delivering more than 100 voice-overs every month to our clients. All of our talents are professional voice-over artists and voice actors active here in Japan and abroad.