Agreement concerning handling of personal information

Company Name
toweight Inc.
Name or job title, section and contact name of personal information protection managerPersonal information protection managerAdministrator responsible

Purpose of use of personal information acquired by inquiries
Personal information on inquiries acquired by us is used within the scope of the following purpose of use and will not be used for purposes other than purpose below.
1) To respond to inquiries

About the consignment of personal information acquired by us to a third party
We will never consign information to a third party without your consent.

About the provision of personal information acquired by our company to third parties
We will never provide the personal information we obtained to third parties except in the following cases.
1) When the principal agrees in advance
2) According to laws and regulations
3) When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person himself / herself
4) When it is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound development of children, when it is difficult to obtain consent from the person himself / herself
5) When there is a need to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations by a national institution or a local public entity or a person entrusted with it, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the principal

Safety management for personal information protection
We will establish regulations for protecting personal information of ourselves, we will publicly inform, thoroughly awareness and educate all of our employees and conduct audits of their compliance status on a regular basis. In addition, we will strive to maintain and improve the safety management measures necessary to protect your personal information.

Procedures such as disclosure, correction, suspension of use of personal informationIn the case where the person himself / herself wishes to notify, disclose, correct, add or delete the contents of use of personal information of ourselves, suspend or cancel usage, and stop the offer to third parties, we will correspond by contacting the following.
Personal information Inquiry window
twoeight Inc.

Optionality of the information you provide
Submitting your personal information is not mandatory, but if you cannot obtain consent, we will acknowledge that we cannot achieve the purpose of use in paragraph 3.

About the management of our website
On our website, we may use "Cookie" technology so that you can browse more conveniently when you visit our website again. This will record what pages your computer visited, but unless you enter your personal information on our website you will not be able to identify yourself.
If you do not wish to use cookies, you can refuse to use cookies by changing your browser's settings. In that case, some or all of the services may not be available.